10 Deadly Aspects of Pride (E-BOOK)

Pride is a complicated concept replete with a myriad of potential challenges and quagmires that make its presence at best, convoluted.  The pleasure that pride offers is intoxicatingly euphoric in that it feeds the most basic components of the human ego.  Each of us understandably wants to feel good about the things we or the people we care about accomplish or achieve.  A joy that emanates from success despite adversity is one well deserved and appropriate.  However, joy has a tendency to appreciate all the contributing factors that function outside conscious control.  Moreover, joy tends to have an appreciation for all the dynamics that could have been detractions that were not for no rational reason. Lastly, joy often accounts for the faith and humility that are required to appreciate the two earlier points.  Conversely, pride tends to be an inward celebration by the ego that at best, dismisses essential supportive structures and at worst, denies their existence altogether. Pride often invites one to oversimplify desired occurrences as the result of conscious will with little attention to an uncontrolled environment.  Indeed, the pleasure offered by pride is analogous to drinking salt water; the more you drink, the more you need.  A cycle that ends with only one result, the death of the drinker. This book attempts to identify the ubiquitous presence pride tends to have in our lives and the challenges that results from it.  Moreover, this book advances the notion that pride functions as a primary contributor to much of the mental, spiritual and emotional instability present in our society. To the extent that we contain pride, we release the potential of imagination and fulfillment offered by peace and joy.

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Beyond Self Help: A Journey to be Better (E-BOOK)

This book is intended to provide a guide to exploring a more meaningful life than we otherwise might have in its absence—not because this author knows or understands more, but because this author invites the reader to grow in as many ways she or he finds important and relevant. Certainly, this may not be a journey that is for everyone. Some may find that it contradicts some fundamental beliefs the reader holds dear, in which case it may not be as helpful as intended. In addition, this guide requires a level of humility, effort (intellectual, psychological, spiritual, etc.), and self—evaluation that may be more than some are willing to invest. There is no shortcut to embarking on a journey that leaves the world better because we were here. The challenges and questions introduced in this book are no less perplexing for this author as they may be for the reader. There is a plethora of methods available to each of us to employ for self improvement at any given time. This book is offered as an available aide to individual growth and development. Hopefully, this piece will encourage a pattern of inquiry that leads the reader to experience life with a joy that resonates from within. Moreover, it is the intention of this work to support the finding of a deep sense of meaning and peace that exists totally unconnected to the material world. It is the hope of this author that each reader not only sees who we are when we look in the mirror but also be encouraged to imagine who we could be.

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Livin In the Shade: Father and Son Relationships explored (E-BOOK)

More often than not, the relationships between fathers and sons impact the understanding that many males develop about notions of manhood. Even when a man’s father has not been present in a way that meets his expectations, his understanding of what it means to be a man is impacted either by the noted absence or the perceived relationship inadequacies. In such cases, men are faced painfully with only two choices: Extend an unhealthy and unhappy notion of manhood or do the work that heals his heart and soul in a way that makes him better. However, when men have positive and healthy relationships with their fathers, they have the opportunity to grow from their father’s successes and learn from his mistakes. No father and son relationship can be called perfect and as a result, there are always things that can be improved, even after one of them is gone. Livin in the Shade is a book that explores the implications of father and son relationships on the human experience and offers some insight that may be helpful for all.

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