Donald M. Palmer, Senior Consultant and CIO

Mr. Donald M. Palmer currently serves as a senior consult and Chief Information Officer with Strategies to Succeed. He has served in a variety of leadership positions and has been in the field of Information Technology for more than 20 years. Mr. Palmer has been utilizing the principles for which S2S stands by and have taken several small businesses and increased profit margins by nearly 30 percent. His certifications includes CISSP, CISM, MSCE, and multiple programming languages such as C++, .NET etc. He also has extensive experience in network security, administration, and IT consulting. His experience in the field of Information Technology is an asset to any organizational structure. In addition he has recently been involved in the development of educational materials that help IT departments improve the flow of information while improving the quality performance.

Dr. Eric L. Johnson, Chief Consultant

Dr. Eric L. Johnson currently serves as the Chief Consultant with Strategies to Succeed and a faculty member at Virginia International University. He is the former Chief of Research Publications for the United States Air Force Academy.

He has also served as the Director of the Urban Education Program in the School of Education at Drake University. He has earned seven college degrees, 4 undergraduate and 3 graduate degrees, one being his Ph.D. in Education from The Ohio State University.

He worked in Columbus Public Schools for the eight years. He has facilitated workshops on a variety of topics that include: using difference as an organizational asset, leadership development, and team building. In addition he has conducted seminars in many organizations nationally and internationally in places such as Russia, China, Canada, Africa and Central America.

Recently, Dr. Johnson has been involved in developing strategies within the legal system that respond to the disproportionate representation of Minority groups. In addition he has published work on the intersection of institutional policy, procedures and growing educational inequality. He has been dedicated to community development for all of his adult life.

Strategies 2 Succeed seeks to optimize every opportunity to learn and share that learning in a way that invites other organizations reach desired goals and support the every expanding capacity of their staff.

Strategies 2 Succeed is a consulting company that supports organizational development within a variety of professional environments. An essential part of organizational development is supporting a given staff to strive toward their best possible selves. There is no one tried and true recipe that any organization can follow that produces the desired results 100% of the time. As a consequence Strategies to Succeed utilizes organizational assessment methods to provide support structures unique to a particular working environment based on best practice research.Strategies 2 Succeed invites the intersection of individual and organizational interests to create a synergy that works to improve organizational efficiency, quality control, and organizational communication.

  • Support organizational development with: workshops, curriculum, and reading materials.
  • Provide organizational cultural competency training that enhances a staff’s ability to use difference as an organizational asset .
  • Provide support structures that enriches an organization’s ability to carry out its articulated mission.
  • Provide Personnel that have the ability to move an organization forward and positively add to the organizational environment.